Subcommand: start

The start subcommand is used to start and restart Z APM Connect Distributed Gateway.

Options are available to run the startup process without user interaction if desired. Otherwise, the startup command will prompt to confirm the use of TLS, the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the host machine, and the Instana server password for each configured server.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram sudo ./zapmctl start--help-h
Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram sudo ./zapmctl start --log-level-llog-level--config-file-cconfig-file --password-file-ppassword-file--connmgr-keystoreconnmgr keystore path--connmgr-truststoreconnmgr truststore path --force-f --secure-s--fqdnFQDN--add-hosthostname:ip-eZAPM_SMF_DELIMITER="DELIMITER"
Flags (optional) Arguments Description
-h | --help N/A Prints the usage message and a description of any available options.
-l | --log-level log-level Specifies the log level for the Distributed Gateway. The default value is INFO. Valid options are ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, or TRACE. Output higher than INFO may produce a large amount of output and is not recommended unless instructed to do so by IBM support.
-c | --config-file config-file Specifies a configuration file to use. If unspecified, the default directory and file INSTALL_DIR/config/ibm_zapm.cfgis used.
-p | --password-file password-file This option can be used for silent startups to bypass the prompts for revalidating the Instana server passwords and the passwords for any keystore files being used. The file is expected to be a series of passwords of the form: controller-name=password for Instana servers, and kafka_keystore=password and connmgr_keystore=password for the keystores.
-f | --force N/A Bypasses any security confirmation prompts. Use with caution.
-s | --secure N/A Specifies that communications between the Distributed Gateway and z/OS should be secured with TLS.
--fqdn FQDN Specifies the fully qualified domain name
--add-host hostname:ip Adds additional host mappings inside the Distributed Gateway containers. The argument must take the form[hostname]:[IP address]. This flag can be repeated any number of times to add additional hosts.
-e ZAPM_SMF_DELIMITER="DELIMITER" (For tracking flows into Db2 for z/OS via JDBC) Specify a custom delimiter to replace the default "|" delimiter. This custom delimiter can be any non-alphanumeric character, such as "=", "~", or others. The choice of the delimiter should match the "db2CorrelationDelimiter" set at the Instana agent level to ensure compatibility.

Changing the Log Level

The log level can be changed by restarting Z APM Connect DG.
sudo ./zapmctl -l <logLevel>
Valid options are as follows:
  • ERROR: Only show error messages, no warnings or informational messages.
  • WARN: Show error and warning messages only.
  • INFO (default): Show all error, warning, and general informational messages.
  • DEBUG: Shows all messages at the FLOW level with additional messages related to application execution.
  • TRACE: Shows all messages at the DEBUG level with extremely detailed application execution messages.

Successful start

After successfully starting Z APM Connect DG, the following information should be displayed:
Distributed Gateway started successfully.