Deploying Z APM Connect DG for production in a cluster

About this task

The recommended way to deploy the Z APM Connect Distributed Gateway (Z APM Connect DG) for production is on a Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform cluster or Kubernetes cluster.

Required configuration information for the Instana solution

The Z APM Connect Distributed Gateway sends data to Instana through the serverless ingestion endpoint. The best way to find the necessary credentials to enable the product are through the AWS Lambda agent configuration tab, which can be found as follows:

  • INSTANA_ENDPOINT_URL and INSTANA_AGENT_KEY are required, which can be found from the following steps with a user that has Agent download and agent key visibility and Configuration of agents permissions in Instana:

    1. Sign in to Instana and click ...More > Agents > Install Agents > AWS.

    2. From the Technology list, select AWS Lambda.

  • For on-premises Instana servers: when TLS is used to secure the connection between the Z APM Connect distributed Gateway and the Instana server, it is likely that the server certificate is either self-signed or signed by a private Certificate Authority (CA). Therefore, it is necessary to import a PEM encoded version of that server certificate to the Z APM Connect Distributed Gateway.

  • If certificates are used, permissions of certificate must allow global read access. This can be achieved with the following command:

    chmod 444 cert-file-name.pem