Installing on a distributed Linux® environment with Docker standalone

The Z APM Connect DG Docker images are provided for installing on a single machine using Docker. To configure Z APM Connect DG, you need to use the ./zapmctl script along with command line arguments. This option is most suitable for a sandbox environment or proof of concept. However, it has limited scalability and may not fulfill the requirements for a production environment.

Complete the following high-level tasks to install, configure and start Z APM Connect DG.

  1. Create the installation directory if it does not exist.

  2. Move the archive file, 6.1.1-TIV-INSTANA-FP00007-standalone.tar.gz, to the installation directory and navigate to that directory.

  3. Extract the archive file to begin installation. The expected directory structure is:

    ├── images
    │   ├── kafka+3.7.0.tar
    │   ├── redis+6.2.14.tar
    │   ├── zapm-instana-exporter+6.1.1-7.tar
    │   ├── zapm-transaction-processor+6.1.1-7.tar
    └── zapmctl

    Note: In the unlikely event that not all of the expected files are present, it is possible that the archive file was corrupted while being downloaded. If this happens, re-download the file and try again.

  4. Install, configure, and start the Z APM Connect Distributed Gateway.


Example commands to complete these steps are provided below. The directory /opt/ibm is used in the examples.

# Step 1: Create the installation diectory if it does not exist (/opt/ibm/ is used in the examples).
**`mkdir -p /opt/ibm`**

# Step 2: Move the archive to the installation directory and navigate to that directory

**`mv ./zapm-connect-dg-standalone.tar.gz /opt/ibm/
cd /opt/ibm`**

# Step 3: Extract the archive file. The files are listed as they are extracted.
**`tar -xvzf zapm-connect-dg-standalone.tar.gz`**

# Step 4: Install the required Docker images and initialize the configuration files. 
**`sudo ./zapmctl install`**

# (Conditional) Step 5: Upgrade the installation.
**`sudo ./zapmctl install --update`**

Note: The above commands will add all of the latest Z APM Connect images to the local image repository and will ask about restarting the Z APM Connect DG if it is already running. Upgrade process will not remove any previous configuration, certificates, or saved logs.

For more information on the subcommands of the zapmctl executable and their options, see the following sections:

A complete example of installing and configuring Z APM Connect DG in interactive mode is provided for your reference.