HBO8028W Both HBOSMF86 and HBOSMFEX are installed on the same subsystem, and duplicated data might be collected


For example, if you configure the SMFPRMxx member as follows:


You install HBOSMF86 to IEFU86 and HBOSMFEX to IEFU83, IEFU84, or IEFU85. The System Data Engine might collect duplicated data on subsystem JES2.

Processing continues.


It is recommended to use HBOSMF86 and IEFU86. Uninstall HBOSMFEX from IEFU83, IEFU84, or IEFU85 on this subsystem. Then, remove IEFU83, IEFU84, or IEFU85 from the active SMFPRMxx member. Switch to the updated SMFPRMxx member.