Tracking flows into Db2 for z/OS via JDBC

To enable tracking flows into Db2 for z/OS via JDBC, you need to configure the Db2 for z/OS and Z Common Data Provider.

Before you begin

  • Before you begin the installation process, verify that your system meets the software requirements specified in Prerequisites and system preparation:
    • Z Common Data Provider APAR OA63662/PTF UJ09384.
    • Z APM Connect APAR OA65201/PTF UJ93393.
  • To track flows into Db2 for z/OS via JDBC:
    • Applications must use a DB2 Driver that starts with For more information about the supported versions, see the Instana Documentation.
    • Only JDBC calls made from a superclass of java.sql.Statement or java.sql.PreparedStatement are supported.
    • JDBC batch calls, such as addBatch() and executeBatch(), are not yet supported.