Enabling support for tracking CICS Transaction Gateway

If you use the Instana APM solution and want to track CICS Transaction Gateway (CICS TG), Z APM Connect request monitoring exits must be installed to provide your Instana backend with CICS Transaction Gateway workload data.

Before you begin

Beginning with PTF UJ09535, you are able to track CICS Transaction Gateway with Instana. To obtain this fix, see Z APM Connect Recommended Maintenance.

About this task

For each client application invocation that is to be tracked, you must complete the following tasks:
  • Attach AGMClientExit to the client application invocation. Attach AGMClientExit as a request monitoring exit.
  • Obtain an Instana Java SDK package. Add the built jar to the class path. Add the Z APM CTG tracking java package (com.ibm.zapm.ctg.exit) to your Instana agent's configuration.yaml.
  • Attach AGMServerExit to the CICS Transaction Gateway that the client application connects to. Attach AGMServerExit as a request monitoring exit.