Updating to the latest version

Take the following steps to update from V6.1.0 fix pack 8 or higher to the latest version.

  1. Download 6.1.1-TIV-INSTANA-FP00001-cluster.tar.gz from IBM Fix Central and move it to the desired installation location.

  2. Run the following command to extract it to a user-defined directory.

    tar -xf 6.1.1-TIV-INSTANA-FP00001-cluster.tar.gz

    After extraction, the following files are generated in the directory. All images within the images directory need to be added to the cluster's image registry.

    ├── deployments
    │  ├── instana-exporter.yaml (Instana Use Only)
    │  ├── kafka.yaml
    │  ├── redis.yaml
    │  ├── transaction-processor.yaml
    │  ├── zookeeper.yaml
    ├── images
    │  ├── zapm-kafka+3.1.2.tar
    │  ├── redis+6.2.3.tar
    │  ├── zapm-instana-exporter+6.1.1-1.tar (Instana Use Only)
    │  ├── zapm-test+6.1.1-1.tar
    │  ├── zapm-transaction-processor+6.1.1-1.tar
    │  └── zapm-zookeeper+3.8.0.tar
    ├── saveZapmLogs.sh
    ├── zapm-connect-6.1.1-1.tgz
  3. Load each of the images within the images directory to the cluster's image registry.

If using the helm installation

Run the following command to update to the latest version:

helm upgrade --namespace <desired project or namespace> -f <values yaml> <name> <chart location>

Note: In the above, the namespace and name should match that used in your initial installation, you can use the same values.yaml file from your initial installation, and the chart will be the helm chart packaged in the latest installation package.

If successful, your cluster will shut down the existing installation and start all necessary containers for the latest version.

If using manual deployment

Reuse your deployment files from a previous installation.

a. Change the image tags to the latest version. Image tags and names of the latest version are as follows:

    kafka: 3.1.2
    redis: 6.2.7
    zapm-instana-exporter: 6.1.1-1
    zapm-transaction-processor: 6.1.1-1
    zookeeper: 3.8.0

b. Once updated, run the following command to apply the update:

    oc apply -f <directory location of deployment files>