Installation overview

Perform the following high-level tasks to install, deploy, and start Z APM Connect DG. Note: All commands must be executed from the main node of a cluster, i.e master, bastion, API node, etc.

Important: If you're using fix pack 2 or earlier, follow the instructions in Installation overview

  1. Create a project or namespace, and create necessary secrets for TLS and connectivity to Instana. For detailed instructions, see Pre-deployment configuration.

  2. Extract the tar file. For amd64 architecture, use the tar -xf 6.1.1-TIV-INSTANA-FP00006-cluster-amd64.tar.gz command. For s390x architecture, use the tar -xf 6.1.1-TIV-INSTANA-FP00006-cluster-s390x.tar.gz command. After extraction, load the images into the cluster's image registry. For detailed instructions, see Installing Z APM Connect DG images.

  3. Populate the deployment files. For detailed instructions, see Populating deployment files.

  4. Apply the deployment to start the Z APM Connect DG. For detailed instructions, see Starting Z APM Connect Distributed Gateway.