Installing Z APM Connect Base

As product installer, use the SMP/E tool to install Z APM Connect Base on your z/OS® systems.

Before you begin

Before you install Z APM Connect Base, ensure that you have the required software installed:
  • z/OS 2.3 or later
  • CICS® Transaction Server V5.4 or later if CICS monitoring
  • IMS V14 or later, with IMS Connect configured, if IMS monitoring
  • IBM® MQ V8.0 or later if monitoring CICS transactions by using the CICS-MQ adapter


  1. Download Z APM Connect Base, which is included in the IBM Z® APM Connect installation package.
  2. Install Z APM Connect Base by using the SMP/E tool. You can view the details in the Program Directory for IBM Z APM Connect.
    Note: If you do not plan to use the SMP/E target libraries, copy members into data sets with the same low-level qualifier. There is a dependency that resulting SAGMMOD* data sets must keep that same low-level qualifier.

What to do next

Proceed to the next step to configure Z APM Connect Base. For more information, see Configuring Z APM Connect Base in default mode.