AGMQ0034E xxxx SSCA PC/AGT table is full, terminating


The Z APM Connect IBM® MQ support attempted to add an entry in the AGM MQ Monitoring subsystem table but the table is full. There is a limit of 32 monitored MQ systems per AGM MQ Monitoring subsystem. Meanwhile, a maximum of 128 entries are supported for each APM control block.
Message Variables:
  • xxxx – Base subsystem

System action

IBM MQ monitoring initialization terminates.

User response

To solve the issue, either an IPL is needed, or a new MQ Monitoring Subsystem needs to be created. See Setting up the subsystem without an IPL to create a new MQ Monitoring Subsystem. You also need to point the Base to the new subsystem as detailed in Using a subsystem other than AGMQ.

To prevent this issue, make sure AGMQ TERM command is issued every time you recycle the Base or MQ subsystems to clear obsolete entry in subsystem communication table's extension. For more information, see Setting up the IBM Z APM Connect IBM MQ monitoring agent subsystem.