AGMI1204E ERROR DURING ESTAE SETUP RC=xxxxxxxx, RSN=xxxxxxxx module, command SET.


An error reported in RC and RSN occurred executing ESTAEX while attempting to setup the recovery environment for the identified ZAPM IMS DB Exit module.
Message Variables:
  • xxxxxxxx – Return Code from ESTAEX.
  • module – Module where error occurred. Will be one of the following:
    AGMDLA00 (ZAPM IMS DL/I exit)
    AGMDB200 (ZAPM IMS Db2 exit)
    AGMDBF00 (ZAPM IMS DBF (FastPath) exit)
  • command – Module where error occurred.

System action

Abend recovery for ZAPM IMS DB Exit module is not activated. Normal processing continues without recovery activated.

Administrator response

Analyze the Return Code (RC) and Reason Code (RSN) for ESTAEX and rectify the problem if possible. If the problem persists, save system log, IMS Job logs and dump produced and contact IBM Software Support.