Information Tab

Use the Information tab to review system information about the selected file.

information tab showing details about the browsed file


The following details are displayed:

Created By
User ID of the person that ran the process that created the file.
Date Created
The file creation date in Long Date and Time format, as set on the local machine.
Created on Machine
Identifier for the machine from which the file was created.
Server Name
Name of the Optim™ Server from which the file is accessed or “Local” if the file is accessed from the workstation.
Number of Tables
Number of tables in the file.
Control File Name
Control File name is displayed only when browsing a Control File. The associated file name is displayed in the dialog header.
Identifier assigned to a process that originated in the DB2® MVS™ environment. SQL ID is displayed when browsing a DB2 MVS Extract File.
Subsystem for a file that originated in the DB2 MVS environment. Subsystem is displayed when browsing a DB2 MVS Extract File.