Installing the solution

IBM® Intelligent Operations Center is installed in either a multi-server environment, or in a single-server environment. You can install development editions on a single computer. After installing IBM Intelligent Operations Center, some additional configuration is required.

The multi-server platform edition for Linux is designed for real production environments, where IBM Intelligent Operations Center is integrated with intensive data and analytic applications. Future scaling is possible with a multi-server environment.

You can now install IBM Intelligent Operations Center in a standard multi-server environment, and also in a high-availability multi-server environment. The high-availability environment provides active/active services for IBM Intelligent Operations Center applications, while providing automatic failover between active and standby database nodes.

The single-server platform edition for Linux provides sufficient capacity for a proof of concept, or for a very small-scale production environment with a few data sources and low data update volumes. Future scaling is not possible with a single-server environment, and performance will be limited by the capacity of the single-server system. It is not possible to move a configuration from a single-server environment to a multi-server environment.

The installer includes the optional Device Management Enablement component.

The single-server laptop-deployable development edition provides a fully functional IBM Intelligent Operations Center on a single computer, along with development tools for common customization steps. The developer edition is available for Linux and Windows.

Before you start installing IBM Intelligent Operations Center, review the latest installation updates to ensure that you have the most recent version of the installer. See the technote at IBM Intelligent Operations Center V5.2 installation updates.

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