Configuring standard operating procedures

A standard operating procedure is a set of instructions that describes all the relevant steps and activities of a process or procedure. Standard operating procedures are essential to an organization to deliver consistent, measured, high-quality responses to complex and unpredictable events.

The following list outlines how standard operating procedures are created and used:
  1. A list is created of all the issues that might occur in a target environment and need a managed response. The list is created based on previous experience and applied knowledge.
  2. A subject matter expert writes a procedure to manage the issue, for example:
    • Who is involved?
    • When are they involved?
    • How are they involved?
    • What supplies the updated data or receives an action?
  3. When the response procedure is defined, a standard operating procedure administrator configures a standard operating procedure definition.
  4. Standard operating procedures can be started manually or automatically during run time.
  5. Standard operating procedure activities can be tracked and integrated in the IBM® Intelligent Operations Center user interface.