IBM Support process

IBM Support is committed to assist and ensure that you are successful in using your product. The team of experts ensures your success by consistently providing positive outcomes to your support experience and needs.

The following diagram illustrates the IBM Support process.

Diagram illustrates the IBM Support process.

IBM Support

IBM Support gives you an advantage by helping you drive success with your products and services. They handle any How do I… questions, review, and triage any problem. If they determine that the problem is caused by IBM provided code, functionality, or services, they contact the appropriate IBM development team and ensure that the issue is resolved.
Note: You are responsible for the first-level support of your business users and all areas of administration of your products and services that are completed within the business and administration user interfaces. For example, but not limited to, the creation and modification of users, item maintenance, and pricing updates. IBM also provides support for your technical issues when escalated.
The IBM Support team also provides case management, including managing your issues and requests through standard IBM case management methodology. Any escalations are managed through the support teams and IBM representative with whom you are working. The support teams are responsible for monitoring and maintaining the service behind the IBM firewall.
Service area Item Description
Server infrastructure Server file system Check that the server file system is healthy.
Log Management Manage, audit, and archive all server and application logs.
CPU Utilization Monitor CPU spikes and performance trends.
Memory Management Monitor memory utilization and performance trends.
Network Availability Monitor to the edge of the IBM network.
Network Performance Monitor performance to the edge of the IBM network.
Service Request Fulfillment Provide services such as retrieving a log file, or running ad hoc SQL queries.
IBM® Sterling Order Management System service support Application Server Health and Well-Being Monitor this key piece of Sterling Intelligent Promising service to make sure that it is performing at an optimal state.
Support Case Triage and troubleshooting Investigate, diagnose, and resolve issues that are related to the Sterling Intelligent Promising service and infrastructure. For example, if the Sterling Intelligent Promising service is performing slowly and cause is unknown.
JMS Client/Queues Monitor the JMS Server and its queues to ensure that it is up and functioning.
IBM MQ Client Monitor that the client is available.
Database performance Proactively monitor the database server infrastructure for performance abnormalities. IBM retains historical record "snapshots" and uses the snapshots to tune both the database I/O and load parameters.
Java virtual machine Management Check that the JVM is up and running.
JVM Heap/Thread Management Monitor the JVM relative to CPU and memory utilization.
Web Server Health and Well-Being Monitor to ensure that the web server is marshalling requests successfully to the application server.
Cloud Service Availability Monitor the Cloud Service to check that it is up and available.
Request Fulfillment Helps with typical case management activity by retrieving log files and other tasks.
Support for Sterling Intelligent Promising service Provided by IBM.
SaaS Extensions Supported by IBM, you, or your Business Partner under a separate Statement of Work.
Other services Change Management Control You are required to follow IBM methodology for managing infrastructure and application changes.
Deployment and Release Management In preproduction and production, IBM manages the deployments by using the IBM release management methodology.

Support for product environments

The IBM Operations team investigates only the infrastructural-related problems that affect the following components and services:
  • Connectivity and access issues, such as to the jump host or environments.
  • Disk space and file system.