Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Find answers to frequently asked questions that are related to Sterling Intelligent Promising general information.

General information

Is the clientId or clientSecret different for each tenant?
How do I recover my client credentials?
Open a account recover case with IBM Support. For information about opening a case, see Contacting IBM Support.
Does Sterling Intelligent Promising have a user interface?
Yes. For more information about the user interface, see Managing.
When I generate a unique token, what is the base64EncodedString that I need to specify?
Use a base64encoder that is available and specify the input as : and encode it. A base64 format token is created, which can be used for generating the bearer token. A Linux command example is as follows:
>echo -n 'ABCD:1234'|base64
Results: QUJDRDoxMjM0
Can I delete the invalid entries for both supply and demand?
No. Instead, you can start the Sync Supply or Sync Demand REST API by using the PUT request method, and set the value of quantity attribute to 0 (zero).
Can I update the reservation by using REST API?
You can increase the reservation quantity for an existing reservation. For all other actions, delete the existing reservations and recreate them.
How do I resolve the 400 response code?
The 400 response code indicates that the input is not correct. Verify that the mandatory parameters are provided in the input JSONs.
What response codes can retry on failure?
Any status code of 500 or greater can be retried.
  • If you receive a status code that is less than 500, see the REST API documentation for the corresponding API to understand what went wrong in the request.
  • Even though a request times out, verify that the request completed successfully.
  • If it is an idempotent API call, for example, a PUT method, you can try again.
What is the rate limit for APIs for each environments?
A rate limit is the maximum number of API requests per hour. All lower environments, which includes the developer toolkit, development, and QA environments have a rate cap of 10000 API calls per hour. You also have access to a preproduction and production environment for which the maximum limit is defined according to your Service Description contract.
To view your Service Description contract, complete the following steps:
  • Click Welcome to IBM terms page.
  • In the Search field, enter the product name, IBM Sterling Order Management to view your Service Description document.
  • In the document, see the Sterling Intelligent Promising API Call Usage section for more information about the API rate limit.
You can upgrade the rate limit on the developer toolkit, development, and QA environments. Alternatively, you can purchase a separate preproduction environment. To explore these options, contact your Customer Service Manager.
Does Sterling Intelligent Promising support items with variations?
Yes. For more information, see Items with variations.
Does Sterling Intelligent Promising support unlimited or unplanned inventory?
No. As a workaround, you can provide inventory for that item at a node with a large quantity, such as 10000. You also need to sync this number periodically.
Does Sterling Intelligent Promising support Vendor-Managed Inventory or Global Trade Identification Numbers?
No. Inventory is only tracked at a specific SKU and only that SKU's availability can be inquired. Availability across SKUs is not supported. As a workaround, you can inquire for each SKU that share the GTIN and aggregate the number outside of Sterling Intelligent Promising.