Status types for IBM Sterling Intelligent Promising Operator

To assess the progress of the deployment, review the Operator statuses of the custom resources. Each custom resource (SIPEnvironment, IVServiceGroup, PromisingServiceGroup, UtilityServiceGroup, and OMSGateway) of the Operator has two status conditions, Progressing and Available. The IBM® Sterling Intelligent Promising service is accessible once all the custom resources reaches Available state.
A custom resource can be in Progressing state because of several reasons such as waiting for a condition to complete, executing a resource, initializing and more.
For a custom resource to be in Available state, it must complete all of its conditions.
Both Progressing and Available statues are observed at the Executing and Terminal points, as explained the following table. The Progressing status at the Terminal is displayed when the Operator is updating the environment with any new changes. When the Operator is in a process to applying a change, the Progressing status is true. The Progressing status is false after the Operator completes applying the change.
The following table explains different custom resource statuses with a sample message and corresponding reasons.
Table 1. Status types forIBM Sterling Intelligent Promising Operator
Type Status Reason Message (sample)
SIPEnvironmentProgressing True Initialized SIPEnvironment initialized.
SIPEnvironmentProgressing True Waiting Waiting for PVC <Spec.Storage.Name> to bound.
SIPEnvironmentProgressing True Waiting Waiting for PVC <Spec.Storage.Name> to be writable. Update the volume with appropriate permissions for write.
SIPEnvironmentProgressing True Waiting Waiting for the pod <External_Service_deployment_name> to be up and running.
SIPEnvironmentProgressing True Executing <resourceName> <resourceKind> created
SIPEnvironmentProgressing True Executing <resourceName> <resourceKind> updated.
SIPEnvironmentAvailable True ExecutionCompleted SIPEnvironment is ready.
SIPEnvironmentProgressing False ExecutionCompleted SIPEnvironment is ready.
Note: You can also view a consolidated status of Inventory, Promising, Utility, and OMS Gateway services from the SIPEnvironment.
IVServiceProgressing True Initialized IVService Initialized.
IVServiceProgressing True Executing <resourceName> <resourceKind> created.
IVServiceProgressing True Executing <resourceName> <resourceKind> updated.
IVServiceAvailable True ExecutionCompleted IVService is ready.
IVServiceProgressing False ExecutionCompleted IVService is ready.
OMSGatewayProgressing True Initialized OMSGateway Initialized.
OMSGatewayProgressing True Executing <resourceName> <resourceKind> created.
OMSGatewayProgressing True Executing <resourceName> <resourceKind> updated.
OMSGatewayAvailable True ExecutionCompleted OMSGatewayis ready.
OMSGatewayProgressing False ExecutionCompleted OMSGateway is ready.
PromisingServiceProgressing True Initialized PromisingService initialized.
PromisingServiceProgressing True Executing <resourceName> <resourceKind> created.
PromisingServiceProgressing True Executing <resourceName> <resourceKind> updated.
PromisingServiceAvailable True ExecutionCompleted PromisingService is ready.
PromisingServiceProgressing False ExecutionCompleted PromisingService is ready.
UtilityServiceProgressing True Initialized UtilityService initialized.
UtilityServiceProgressing True Executing <resourceName> <resourceKind> created.
UtilityServiceProgressing True Executing <resourceName> <resourceKind> updated.
UtilityServiceAvailable True ExecutionCompleted UtilityService is ready.
UtilityServiceProgressing False ExecutionCompleted UtilityService is ready.