Reservation consumption

After an order is confirmed, the bundle reservation can be consumed as part of supply or demand APIs.

To consume the reservation, the fulfillment manager is required to pass the reservation ID for each of its component. Even though a bundle parent reservation ID is provided, you cannot use for reservation consumption.

Important: When you consume a reservation, use the reservation IDs of the component instead of the bundle parent reservation ID.
For example, if there is a reservation for Motor Oil Change Kit and the reservation ID that is issued is as follows:
    • Motor Oil Change Kit Do not use this ID for consumption.
    • Motor Oil Use this ID.
    • Funnel Use this ID.
    • Drain Pan Use this ID.
The demand API is shown as follows.

  "demands": [{


      "reservations": [

        {"id": "02","reference": "motoroilchgkit_rsvr","quantity": 4},

        {"id": "03","reference": "motoroilchgkit_rsvr","quantity": 1},

        {"id": "04","reference": "motoroilchgkit_rsvr","quantity": 1},