Benefits report

Easily view your accumulated benefits and understand the impact of using Sterling Intelligent Promising with Benefits report.

The Benefits report provides insight and visibility into the benefits that you obtain by using the inventory model to fulfill your orders. By default, the dashboard displays data for the last 30 days.

The Optimization service optimizes your orders. The results of the optimization are based on user-defined parameters and pre-defined parameters. These parameters are then used to generate the benefits report.
  • Predefined parameters are determined by the Optimization service based on selling trends from your data. The pre-defined parameters are internally tagged with the SCENARIO1 scenario ID and consider the following factors:
    • Shipping cost
    • Processing cost
    • Node-balancing cost
  • User-defined active parameters are set by you in the Optimize parameters workspace. Toggle the Show optimization settings to enable it and view the weights that you configured for these business goals. To configure the table view or for adding, removing, or rearranging columns, click the Settings icon. After you add, remove, or rearrange the columns, click Save.
Benefits report contains data in the following sections for the selected timeframe:
  • Net benefits
  • Aggregates
  • Node breakdown
The Net benefits table displays the total shipping and inventory benefits that you've obtained within the selected timeframe. By default, the Aggregates tab displays data in the tabular format. You can change the view by toggling between the graphical and tabular format.
  • The values within the Shipping benefit column display the benefits that you received in overall shipping costs ever since you began using the Optimization service. These numbers are calculated by comparing the difference in results with and without using the Optimization service.

    The values within the Inventory benefit column display the benefits that you received in relation to stockout avoidance, markdown avoidance, and artificial markdown reduction since you've been using the Optimization service.

Note: The Benefits report is generated from the data that is available in the transaction logs.

For more information, see Viewing benefits report.