What's new in the certified containers

Review the new features and enhancements introduced in IBM® Sterling Intelligent Promising certified containers.

13 October 2023 (10.0.2309.1)

The image tag for this release is 10.0.2309.1-amd64.

New feature to define Kafka custom prefix and production level
A new feature is introduced that allows you to define custom prefixes for Kafka topics as well as set production levels. This feature offers you flexibility and control in managing your Kafka topics and to differentiate environments. For more information about defining topic prefix and production level, see Configuring the kafka parameter.
New parameter to define server properties
Use the newly introduced serverProperties parameter to define server property definitions, which includes environment variables (envVars) and JVM arguments (jvmArgs). For more information, see Configuring serverProperties parameter.

29 September 2023 (10.0.2309.0)

The image tag for this release is 10.0.2309.0-amd64.

IBM Sterling Intelligent Promising containerization
The IBM Sterling Intelligent Promising services for Inventory and Promising are now generally available through IBM Sterling Order Management System software. With IBM Sterling Intelligent Promising Standard Operator, you can deploy and manage your application on any cloud, and any platform, regardless of the provider and without compatibility issues.
  • For more information about IBM Sterling Intelligent Promising containerization, see IBM Certified Containers.
  • For more information about planning for IBM Sterling Intelligent Promising in containers, see Planning.
  • For more information about installing IBM Sterling Intelligent Promising in containers, see Installing.