Setting fulfillment options

You can enable or disable the availability of the inventory at an item, node, and delivery method level.


  1. Click the inventory Inventory image icon on the navigation ribbon.
  2. In the Inventory search page, from the Enterprise list, select the enterprise within which you want to search for inventory items.
    Note: The Enterprise list is displayed only if there are more than one enterprise within your network. If your network has only one enterprise, it is selected by default.
  3. Enter the inventory-related information in the search fields, and click Search to view the Search results page.
  4. In the Search results page, select an item or SKU and click Set fulfillment options on the table header. You can also click the overflow menu and the end of each row and select Set fulfillment options. And you can select multiple rows and click the Set fulfillment options action from the toolbar. Alternatively, you can also go to the Set Fulfillment options page from the SKU details page.
  5. The various elements in the Set fulfillment options page are explained in the following table.
    Element Description
    Item information The SKU summary panel has enterprise, shipping and pickup details, and description. The item summary panel has enterprise, most active SKU, least active SKU, and description.
    Note: If you pick multiple SKUs or items, the summary panel will be blank.
    Fulfillment The fulfillment table is used for:
    • In Sterling Inventory Visibility:
      Sets fulfillment option overrides for a delivery method for ship from store and pick from store for the specific item and node. If not set, the value is inherited and is therefore system-calculated.
      Note: The read-only value shown to the right of the drop down is the system-calculated value of the fulfillment option for the current item, node, and delivery method shown in context. For example, if the fulfillment option at the node level is set to Off, then all items cannot be shipped. There is a hierarchy for setting fulfillment at different levels. For more information about fulfillment hierarchy, see IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility API documentation.
    • In applications other than Sterling Inventory Visibility, such as Sterling Global Inventory Visibility or Sterling Intelligent Promising:

      Sets fulfillment values on or off, without considering hierarchy. That is, no system-calculated values.

  6. Click Save.
    A message confirming the fulfillment option is updated is displayed.