Adjusting inventory

You can adjust the inventory based on the supply type of the inventory, such as on hand, in transit, scheduled etc.


  1. Click the inventory Inventory icon that looks like 3 boxes stacked on top of each other beside a single box icon on the navigation ribbon.
  2. In the Inventory search page, from the Enterprise list, select the enterprise within which you want to search for inventory items.
    Note: The Enterprise list is displayed only if there are more than one enterprise within your network. If your network has only one enterprise, it will be selected by default.
  3. Enter the inventory related information in the search fields, and click Search to view the Search results page.
  4. In the Search results page, select an item or SKU and click Adjust inventory on the table header. You can also click the overflow menu and the end of each row and select Adjust inventory.
    • The Adjust inventory action is hidden on the item details, SKU details page and on SKU search results when all inventory is selected.
    • The bundle details are available only in bundle details page and not in search results page.
  5. The various elements in the Adjust inventory page are explained in the following table.
    Important: For configurations with Global Inventory Visibility:
    • You may see some grayed out sections when using Order Hub software version. This capability is available only when using IBM® Sterling Inventory Visibility. If you want to remove the grayed out sections from the UI, contact your IBM Account Representative.
    • To enable and start using Order Hub with IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility, contact your IBM Account Representative.
    Element Description
    Supply type Select the supply type from the list.
    Reference type (optional) Provide the reference type.
    Reference (optional) Provide the reference details.
    Ship by date (optional) Select the shipping date.
    Important: This option is available only for IBM Sterling Global Inventory Visibility users.
    Estimated time of arrival (optional) Select the estimated time of arrival.
    Important: This option is available only for IBM Sterling Global Inventory Visibility users.
    Current quantity The current quantity of the inventory in the selected supply type is displayed.
    Adjustment type Select the adjustment type from the list. You can increase or decrease the adjustment type.
    Adjust by Enter the quantity of the item that you want to increase or decrease by.
    Updated quantity The updated quantity of the inventory is displayed.
    Modification reason code (optional) Select the modification reason code from the list.
    Modification reason notes (optional) Provide the modification reason notes.
  6. Click Save.
    A message confirming that the inventory change is updated successfully is displayed.