Creating distribution groups for inventory

As a fulfillment manager, you can create distribution groups in Order Hub. You can use the distribution groups to associate your inventory with nodes under your enterprise.

About this task

On the Distribution groups page, you see a list of distribution groups with the following parameters that are assigned to each. You can assign these parameters while configuring a distribution group.
Displays the name of the distribution group. You can click the column name to arrange the list in the ascending or descending order.
Displays the purpose for the distribution group. For example, use sourcing while making promising decisions by using promising calculations.
Displays the names of the nodes that the distribution group contains.
Node count
Displays the count for the number of nodes that are contained within the distribution group.


  1. From the menu, click Configuration > Distribution groups.
    Note: Based on your environment, you can create and configure distribution groups for Intelligent Promising or Order Management offerings. Select the appropriate tab.
  2. Click Create distribution group.
  3. Input a name and an identifier.
  4. Select a purpose from the drop down.
    Note: As of now, sourcing, inventory, and procurement purposes are supported. To proceed, select from either of the options.
  5. Add a node or nodes and prioritize based on requirements. For more information about configuring nodes in distribution groups, see Configuring nodes in distribution groups.
  6. Click Create.

    You can click the delete icon to delete a distribution group.