Nodes considered for an item

You can see all the nodes that were considered for shipping a particular item by clicking the figure in the Number of nodes considered column for the item on the Order details page.

To configure the table view or for adding, removing, or rearranging columns, click the Settings icon. After you add, remove, or rearrange the columns, click Save.

The information displayed for the nodes considered for shipping the item includes:
  • Winning node - this is the optimal node for shipping the item.
  • Line ID
  • Item ID
  • Ordered quantity
  • Shipped quantity
  • Order type (for example, Same Day Delivery, Ship, or Pick)
  • SLA days
  • Node cutoff time
  • Delay days
You can view additional details for the other nodes considered.
  • Node ID
  • Available quantity
  • Backlog days
  • Carrier service options
  • Days to deliver
  • Estimated deliviery date
  • Shipping distance (mi.)
  • Node type
  • Cost at node ( (Processing cost + Node balancing cost + Distance penalty) This does not include shipping cost.)
  • Weighted cost at node (Weighted cost = Absolute cost * Optimization cost)
  • Stockout avoidance cost