Reenabling SKU fulfillment options

The supply APIs are enhanced to reenable fulfillment options for all SKUs in a request. The application provides the capability to resolve a dirty node by supply sync and supply adjustment.

With this enhancement, the fulfillment manager enables you to restore operation to a specific item after an inventory count or inventory adjustment is performed. In addition, the fulfillment options consider adjustment that is made to the supply so that the item fulfillment stays enabled until the fulfillment manager explicitly changes the setting.

The fulfillment option reenablement is applicable at two levels:
  1. Item-node
  2. Item-node-delivery
However, this reenablement does not impact the setting at global item level.
You can enable fulfillment by using any one of the following options:
  • enableFulfillmentOption: This property is added to the supply adjust and sync API. If set to true, then all items in the call are reenabled. Specifically, the fulfillmentOption flag in the ItemConfig for the provided SKU (item-node) is forced to true at the item-node-deliveryMethod levels.
  • enableFulfillmentOptionOnlyWhenQtyChanges: This property is added to the supply sync API. This property is same as enableFulfillmentOption, but the fulfillmentOption flag is enabled only when the quantity is changed. The default value is set to false. If both properties are passed, then enableFulfillmentOptionOnlyWhenQtyChanges has more priority.

If the item is disabled at the item-node level, then that record is removed. This flag applies only to delta supplies when changedQty != 0. If it is a sync, the item is reenabled only if its availability changes as a result of that sync.