Attributes are item characteristics that are defined in the catalog. Integrating catalog service and Inventory Visibility provides more information about the item in API calls and events. Item attribute information is displayed with availability APIs and change events by which you get a seamless experience to monitor inventory changes along with their item attributes. Inventory Visibility can control the number of item attributes to be published.

  • Inventory Visibility API availability reaches out to catalog to retrieve the attribute information.
  • Item attribute information is published with productAvailability.v2 and dgAvailabilityChange.v2 events.
  • The item attributes published with availability API and change events are based on the configuration of the attributes to be published on Inventory Visibility.
  • The maximum number of attributes that can be published for an item is 20. For more information, refer to Publish attribute API.
Note: Catalog integration is enabled with the availability by date APIs only. For more information, refer to V2 availability API.