Node and network availability with component details

The standard node and network availability API returns availability only with respect to the bundle parent, and does not show how the bundle quantity is derived.

By using either the node or network availability product breakup by date APIs, the user can receive more insight on the breakdown of the component availability.

The behavior of the production availability API is similar to the product parents (item with variation) where lineId=0 is always in reference to the parent item, which is the bundle.

Given that the node or network availability picture is the same for Motor Oil Change Kit across [Node1, Node2, Node3] or DG1[[Node1, Node2, Node3], and the setup is as follows.
    • Node1: 4 motor oil, 1 funnel, 1 drain pan
    • Node2: 8 motor oil, 1 funnel, 0 drain pan
    • Node3: 8 motor oil, 2 funnel, 2 drain pan
Then, the simplified result will be:
    • LineId=0, 1x MotorOilChangeKit
    • LineId=1, 20x motor oil
    • LineId=2, 4x funnel
    • LineId=3, 3x drain pan