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Name changes in IBM Integration Bus Version 9.0

IBM® Integration Bus is a compatible evolution of WebSphere® Message Broker that has also been designed to incorporate the features found in WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus.

IBM Integration Bus provides a universal integration capability which addresses a wide range of integration scenarios including web services (SOAP and REST), messaging, database, file, ERP systems, mobile, physical devices, email, custom systems and more.

An integration bus is a collection of integration nodes. An integration node can be a broker, for example, or a WebSphere Application Server node. This concept is reflected in the names of various resources; for example, the name of the default broker in IBM Integration Bus Version 9.0 is IB9NODE.

The following diagram illustrates the architecture of IBM Integration Bus Version 9.0.

This diagram shows the main components of IBM Integration Bus and how they interact.

The following table lists the resource names that have changed in IBM Integration Bus Version 9.0.
IBM Integration Bus terms WebSphere Message Broker terms
IBM Integration Toolkit WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit
IBM Integration Explorer WebSphere Message Broker Explorer
IBM Integration Administration for WebSphere Application Server WebSphere Message Broker Administration for WebSphere Application Server
IBM Integration web user interface WebSphere Message Broker web user interface
Integration node Broker
Integration broker (shortened to broker) Broker
Integration server Execution group
Integration service Service
Integration Bus component Broker component
Integration API Message Broker API
Integration Java™ API Message Broker Java API
IB9NODE (default broker name) MB8BROKER (default broker name)
IB9QMGR (default queue manager name) MB8QMGR (default queue manager name)
Integration Development perspective Broker Application Development perspective
Application Development view Broker Development view
Integration Nodes view Brokers view
Integration project Message Broker project
For a summary of the features that are new to IBM Integration Bus Version 9.0, see What's new in Version 9.0?.

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