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Infrastructure as a Service

Learn what Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is, and how you might benefit from using IaaS with IBM® Integration Bus.

Infrastructure as a Service acts as the equivalent to computing hardware by using virtual machines. An IaaS configuration reduces the cost overhead of managing many servers, whether on premises or off premises, as you do not need to manually configure each system. For example, you can apply security patches to all virtual machines simultaneously by using a script.

The advantage of using IaaS with IBM Integration Bus is to create a scalable solution that does not require increasing configuration as it grows in size. By configuring scripts, you can scale and change attributes as required, instead of manually recoding the system infrastructure.

You can use IaaS on premises or off premises, but the primary benefit of IaaS is the ability to use a vendor to reduce the costs of maintaining and configuring the physical machines. If you want to use IaaS on premises, consider the skill availability of system architects in your organization to configure your architecture, and the associated costs.

The benefits of using an IaaS configuration are:

Considerations for using IaaS are:

Graph showing how a static solution remains the same cost throughout one year, but the IaaS solution cost is consistently lower, except during peak usage.

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