Creating the environment file

Create the environment file, as part of creating an integration node on z/OS®.

Before you begin

Complete the steps in Customizing the integration node JCL.


  1. Review the BIPBPROF member.
    If you define parameters for all users, you can configure BIPBPROF to use these parameters.
    Note: The BIPBPROF environment file is the main integration node file, and it is used by default for any integration server address spaces, unless a specific integration server environment file exists.

    For example, if the time zone option TZ is set as a system-wide parameter for all users, you can remove it from BIPBPROF.

  2. Submit member BIPGEN.
    Review the job output and make sure that the environment file in the output contains the parameters that you expect.

    If you change BIPBPROF, or system-wide parameters, you must submit BIPGEN again to pick up the changes.

What to do next

Create the environment file for the integration server.