Configuring a server socket to receive XML data ending in a null character

Configure a server TCP/IP socket to receive XML data ending in a null character, by the use of a message flow with TCPIPServerInput and MQOutput nodes.

About this task

Scenario: A client application sends XML data that is delimited by a null character (hex code ‘00').

Instructions: The following steps describe how to break up the record based on the null character, then parse the data.


  1. Create a message flow called TCPIP_Task11 with a TCPIPServerInput node and an MQOutput node.
    For more information, see Creating a message flow.
  2. Connect the Out terminal of the TCPIPServerInput node to the In terminal of the MQOutput node.
    TCPIPServerInput node connected to an MQOutput node.
  3. Set the following properties of the TCPIPServerInput node:
    1. On the Basic tab, set the Connection details property to 14151.
    2. On the Input Message Parsing tab, set the Message domain property to XMLNSC.
    3. On the Records and elements tab, set the following properties:
      • Set the Record detection property to Delimited.
      • Set the Delimiter property to Custom delimiter.
      • Set the Custom delimiter property to 00.
  4. On the MQOutput node, set the Queue name property (on the Basic tab) to TCPIP.TASK11.IN1.
  5. Save the message flow.