Displaying the configuration parameters for the WebSphere Service Registry and Repository nodes

Use the mqsireportproperties command to display all of the configuration parameters of the default WebSphere® Service Registry and Repository (WSRR) profile, DefaultWSRR.

About this task

The DefaultWSRR is a Service Registries configurable service that is supplied for each integration node, see Configurable services properties.

For information about the specific levels of WSRR that are supported with IBM® Integration Bus, see IBM Integration Bus system requirements.

To display the configuration parameters of the default WSRR profile DefaultWSRR, complete the following steps:


  1. Ensure that the integration node is running. If it is not, use the mqsistart command to start it.
  2. Enter the following command (where IBNODE is the name of your integration node):
    mqsireportproperties IBNODE -c ServiceRegistries -o DefaultWSRR -r
    -c specifies the configurable service (in this case, ServiceRegistries)
    -o specifies the name of the object (in this case, DefaultWSRR)
    -r specifies that all property values of the object are displayed, including
    the child values if appropriate.


The command produces a response similar to this:
    connectionFactoryName = 'jms/SRConnectionFactory'
    connectionTimeout = '120'
    endpointAddress = 'http://fill.in.your.host.here:9080/WSRRCoreSDO/services/WSRRCoreSDOPort'
    initialContextFactory = 'com.ibm.websphere.naming.WsnInitialContextFactory'
    locationJNDIBinding = 'iiop://localhost:2809/'
    needCache = 'true'
    predefinedCacheQueries = ''
    refreshQueriesAfterNotification = 'true'
    subscriptionTopic = 'jms/SuccessTopic'
    timeout = '10000000'