Converting a legacy message map that includes relational database operations

You must convert manually a transformation that includes relational database operations.

About this task

A legacy Mapping node connects to a database via ODBC. A database configuration file describes the ODBC configuration to your database. You configure the database information in your legacy message map by setting the Data Source property in the map.

From WebSphere® Message Broker Version 8 onwards, the Mapping node connects to databases via JDBC type 4 connections. You configure the database connection details in a JDBCProvider configurable service.

Database transforms in a message map use support for JDBC connections that are built into IBM® Integration Bus run time.

For information on constructing database transforms and configuring your JDBC database connection, see Mapping database content.

Note: When you convert a legacy message map that includes database operations, the conversion process creates a Task transform for each database operation in the legacy message map. You have to manually replace that Task transform.


To re-create the transformation logic of a transformation that includes a relational database operation, you can use any of the following transforms when replacing the Task transform in the new message map:

  1. Select
  2. Update
  3. Delete
  4. Database Routine
  5. Insert

What to do next

Continue converting your legacy message map. For more information, see Converting a message map from a .msgmap file to a .map file.