Stopping user trace

Use user trace for debugging your applications; you can trace integration nodes, integration servers, and deployed message flows. Stop user trace facilities by using the mqsichangetrace command.

About this task

Use the mqsichangetrace command with a trace level of none to stop an active trace. This action stops the trace activity for the component that you specify on the command. It does not affect active traces on other components. For example, if you stop tracing on the integration server test, an active trace on another integration server continues.

Example: stopping user trace on the default integration server

About this task

To stop the trace started by the command shown in Starting user trace, on distributed systems, enter the following command:
mqsichangetrace IBNODE -u -e default -l none 
-u specifies user trace
-e specifies the integration server (in this case, the default integration server)
-l specifies the level of trace (in this case, none)
z/OS platformOn z/OS®, enter the following command:
F MQP1BRK,ct u=yes, e='default', l=none