Checking user trace options

Use the mqsireporttrace command to check what tracing options are currently active for your integration nodes, integration servers and message flows.

About this task

If you use the mqsireporttrace command, you must specify the component for which the check is required, for example, the integration server or message flow. The command responds with the current trace status for the component that you have specified.

Example: checking user trace options for an integration node

About this task

To check what options are currently set for the integration nodes IBNODE and its integration server test, on distributed systems, enter the command
mqsireporttrace IBNODE -u -e test
-u specifies user trace
-e specifies the integration server (in this case, test)
z/OS platformOn z/OS®, enter the command
F MQP1BRK,reporttrace u=yes, e='test'


If you have started tracing by following the example in Starting user trace, the response to the mqsireporttrace command is:
BIP8098I: Trace level: normal, mode: safe, size: 1024 KB
BIP8071I: Successful command completion