Context-sensitive help

The Help view provides context-sensitive help throughout the IBM® Integration Toolkit.

By default, help topics are presented by retrieving them as remote help pages from the online product documentation. By using remote help to access the online product documentation, you can ensure that you are accessing the latest information.
Note: The latest information might include updates that are introduced in fix packs that you have not yet deployed, and therefore contain details of function that is not available to you. Check What's new in Version 10.1? for details of any new function that is added in IBM Integration Bus Version 10.1 fix packs.
If you do not want to access online product documentation, you can download and install a local source of product documentation. For information about local documentation options, see Adding documentation to the IBM Integration Toolkit. You can then configure the local documentation as a help source by using the Window > Preferences > Help > Content menu option in the IBM Integration Toolkit.
Note: You can also use this menu option to configure other remote help sources. For example, if you want to access the Business Process Manager 8.5 documentation from the IBM Integration Toolkit, add the following URL,, as a help source.

You can display the Help view for most aspects of the user interface (for example, on the Application Development view, the Message Flow editor, or a properties page) by bringing focus to the object and pressing F1 (on Windows) or SHIFT+F1 (on Linux®).The Related Topics page shows description and help topics that are related to the selected object.

The Contents page shows the table of contents for the IBM Integration Bus product documentation and for the documentation of many of the Eclipse features that are included in the IBM Integration Toolkit. You can use the Search page to locate topics, samples, and remote documents by using keywords in a search query. You can bookmark topics and other documents of interest, and view them in the Bookmarks page.