Changing workbench capabilities

You can configure the workbench to disable access to some of the functional capabilities of IBM® Integration Bus.

About this task

Capabilities is an Eclipse concept that allows you to enable or disable the components of a product. By default, all components of the workbench are enabled.

To access the workbench capabilities:


  1. Select Window > Preferences.
  2. Click the plus sign associated with General.
    An expanded list of options appears.
  3. Click Capabilities.
    You can use the capabilities that are listed to enable or disable various product components; the capabilities are grouped according to a set of predefined categories.
  4. Select IBM Integration Toolkit from the list of capabilities that is displayed, and select the Advanced button.
    A window opens that has a check box for each of the predefined categories.
  5. Select the check boxes for the categories that you want to either enable or disable; click either the Enable All or Disable All button and click OK.
    A pane describes the functionality that is enabled following this action.

What to do next

The predefined categories for the workbench are listed together with a reference to more information about the relevant functional area of IBM Integration Bus: