WebSphere Broker Adapters Transport

WebSphere® Broker Adapters Transport is a service that connects applications to Enterprise Information Systems (such as SAP Software, PeopleSoft Enterprise, and Siebel Business Application systems).

You can use the WebSphere Broker Adapters Transport to support the following operations:
  • Accept input from an SAP, Siebel, or PeopleSoft application.
  • Send requests to an SAP, Siebel, JD Edwards, or PeopleSoft application.
  • Send a reply to an SAP synchronous callout.
  • Route IDocs to separate message flows.
These operations are implement by the following built-in nodes:
  • SAPInput node
  • SAPRequest node
  • SAPReply node
  • SiebelInput node
  • SiebelRequest node
  • PeopleSoftInput node
  • PeopleSoftRequest node
  • JDEdwardsRequest node
Use the input nodes to accept input from an EIS, along with a matching reply node if the EIS needs a response. Use the request nodes to send requests to an EIS.

To use the WebSphere Broker Adapters Transport, you must deploy a message flow that contains one or more WebSphere Adapters nodes.

The following topics contain more information about working with WebSphere Adapters: