Developing integration solutions by using integration services

To create web services solutions, create integration solutions by using integration services.

Before you begin

If you are not familiar with message flow concepts, message model concepts, and common tasks to manage message flow resources, see Developing message flows and Constructing message models.

About this task

In IBM® Integration Bus, an integration service is a specialized application that has a tightly defined interface and operations. You can configure the integration service so that you can call the operations from a web service (by using a SOAP/HTTP binding), or from a JavaScript program (by using a JavaScript API binding). For more information, see Integration services.


To build an integration service:

  1. Create an integration service interface.
    You have the following options:
  2. If your integration service is not based on imported WSDL or a Business Process Manager service, specify the interface by defining the operations. See Defining the operations in a service interface.
  3. Optional: Create a library to contain a logical grouping of related code, schemas, message models, and other resources that can be reused. For more information, see Creating a library.
  4. Optional: Define the required library references in the integration services, as described in Referencing resources in other libraries. To include one or more libraries of resources in your integration service, you create references to those libraries.
  5. Optional: Create other resources that you need in a library. These resources can be reused by other integration services or applications. For more information, see Creating resources in a library.
  6. Use the Service editor to implement each service operation as a subflow. See Implementing an integration service operation.
  7. Use the Service editor to implement a subflow for each available error handler. See Implementing an integration service error handler subflow.
  8. Generate your own HTTP binding for the service.
    See Generating an integration service SOAP/HTTP binding. You can instead use the default HTTP binding that is generated when the service is created.
  9. Optional: Generate a JavaScript client API so that you can call the integration service from a program that is running in a JavaScript environment. For more information about the JavaScript client API, see Integration service JavaScript client API.

What to do next