Creating the initial configuration for the Coordinated Request Reply sample

This scenario was developed by using a sample initial configuration. You can set up the sample initial IT configuration to try out the scenario in the same way as it was originally developed.

Before you begin

  • Download a copy of the file.
  • Make sure you have access to an IBM® Integration Bus runtime environment and an IBM Integration Toolkit installation with the default configuration deployed. For more information on installing IBM Integration Bus components, see Installing in the IBM Integration Bus information center.

About this task

Complete the following steps to set up the sample initial configuration that was used to develop the scenario.


  1. From the IBM Integration Toolkit menu, click File > Import > Other > Project Interchange and then click Next.
    The Import Projects dialog box opens.
  2. Next to the drop-down menu for the "From zip file" field, click Browse, navigate to the file and click Open.
    The Import Projects dialog box is populated with the list of resources from the file.
  3. Ensure that all the resources are selected and click Finish.
    In the Application Development pane you should see the following entries under the Broker Development tab:
    • One application project named Coordinated request Reply MQ Application.
    • One library project named Coordinated Request Reply Library.
  4. To deploy the BAR file, right-click on the BAR file name, click Deploy, select an integration server, and click Finish.
    The resources are deployed to the integration node.