I am a developer; what tasks am I interested in?

You will be involved in the tasks to create, test, debug, and run message flows.

Before you start

New users:

Read the following introductory topics to the product, before you start application development:

Returning users:

Find out what new features are supported for application development, and what techniques and practices experienced IBM Developers have talked about:

  • Where can I find what's new in Version 10.1?

    Find out what new features and functionality has been added to the product since your current version was released.

  • Where can I read about what more experienced developers say?

    Read the IBM App Connect community blog, where you can find short articles, pointers, and views written by the IBM development, services, support and technical sales teams, based on their knowledge and experience.

  • Where can I find additional resources?

    Explore the community to find a variety of information and resources from IBM Developers and others in the community. Ask questions and read answers from others about developing solutions with IBM Integration Bus.

Developing message flow applications

Use the links in this section to help you to start developing your own message flows. Links are also included to help you to understand IBM Integration Bus concepts that might be useful when you develop your own message flows.

What else might I be interested in?

When you develop message flows, you might also be interested in the following questions: