Enabling message set development

This task provides instructions for enabling message set creation and editing functionality in IBM® Integration Bus Version 10.1.

About this task

In WebSphere® Message Broker Version 8.0 and later, message model schema files contained in applications, integration services, and libraries are the preferred way to model messages for most data formats. Message sets are required if you use the MRM or IDOC domains. For more information about message modeling, see Message modeling concepts.

You can import message flows containing message sets from WebSphere Message Broker Version 7.0 into IBM Integration Bus Version 10.1. Your existing message sets can be viewed, modified, and deployed in the usual way. However, by default, the menu options for creating new message sets or message definition files are hidden. To perform these tasks, you must first enable message set development in the IBM Integration Toolkit.

To enable message set development in IBM Integration Bus Version 10.1, complete the following steps.


  1. From any perspective in the IBM Integration Toolkit, click Window > Preferences.
    The Preferences window opens.
  2. Expand Integration Development, and select Message sets.
  3. Under Message Set Development, select Enable menus for Message Set development.
  4. Click Apply, then click OK.


The Preferences window closes, and options for message set development are enabled in the IBM Integration Toolkit.