Message Sets: Opening an existing message set

Open an existing message set in the Message Set editor so that you can view or edit its contents.

Before you begin

Create a message set by following the instructions in Message Sets: Creating a message set.

Tip: Although you can open resource files with other editors you are advised to only use the IBM® Integration Toolkit Message Set editor to work with message set files because this editor correctly validates changes made to the messageSet.mset files when they are saved. Other editors might not do this.

About this task

To open a message set so that you can view or edit its contents:


  1. Switch to the Integration Development perspective.
  2. In the Application Development view, right-click the messageSet.mset file of the message set that you are opening then click Open on the pop-up menu.
    This opens the Message Set editor for the selected file.


You can now view or edit the file as required.