Message Sets: Configuring documentation properties: Message sets

Document a message set in the IBM® Integration Toolkit.

Before you begin

Complete the following tasks:

About this task

To configure the documentation for a message set:


  1. In the Message Set editor Properties Hierarchy, click Message set. The documentation text field appears in the Details view, with all the other logical properties of the message set.
  2. Configure the documentation properties shown in the Details view to your requirements.

    You can use the Documentation property to set user-defined keywords and their value. These keywords are propagated to the integration node when you deploy the message set in a BAR file. These keywords are used to give additional information about the message set when you display deployed message set properties in the IBM Integration Toolkit. See Message Sets: Message set version and keywords for more information.

  3. Save your changes by clicking File > Save, or by pressing Ctrl+S. Alternatively, click File > Save All, or press Ctrl+Shift+S.