Importing a configurable service

Use the web user interface to import a configurable service from another integration node.

About this task

The properties of a configurable service can be exported from an integration node, and imported by another integration node. The properties of the configurable service are stored in a .configurableservice file.

Complete the following steps to import a configurable service from a .configurableservice file:


  1. Start the web user interface for your integration node; see Accessing the web user interface.
    The navigator is displayed on the left side of the pane, showing the servers (integration servers), message flows, and other resources that are owned by your integration node.
  2. Expand the Operational Policy section in the navigator, and then click the down arrow beside Configurable Services to display the menu.
  3. Click Import *.configurableservice.
  4. Select the configurable service file that you want to import, and click OK.
    The selected configurable service file is imported.

What to do next

For most types of configurable service, your changes will take effect from the next time a message flow that uses the configurable service is called. For some types of configurable service (where it is stated in the documentation for the configurable service type) you must stop and start the integration server for the change to take effect.