Defining the operations in a service interface

Specify your service interface by defining the service operations, the operation types, and the operations inputs, outputs, and faults.

Before you begin

Create an integration service.

About this task

When you create an integration service in IBM® Integration Bus, the service opens in the service editor.

In the Interface tab:
  • You can define further operations.
  • You can remove existing operations.
  • You can specify names to existing operations.
  • You can add or remove inputs, outputs, and faults to an operation.
  • You can create a complex type for an input, output, or fault.
For more information, see Integration service editor.


Complete the following steps to define an integration service interface:

  1. Open your integration service in the Service editor by double-clicking the Service Description in the Application Development view, or by right-clicking and selecting Open.
  2. Select the Interface tab to see the interface editor.
  3. By default, a request-response operation is created when the integration service is created. Click the operation name to edit it.
  4. Add or remove request-response operations and one-way operations by using the icons.
  5. Add or remove inputs, outputs, and faults to operations by using the icons.
    In the Properties tab, click the name and type of an input, output, or fault to edit it. You can create a new complex type for an input, output, or fault by clicking the type and selecting New....


Your service interface is defined.

What to do next

Implement the operations that are defined in your integration service. For more information, see Implementing an integration service operation.