Creating a solution based on an existing message set

Import or copy an existing message set into your workspace, then create an integration project and message flow that refer to that message set.

About this task

To create a solution that is based on an existing message set, complete the following steps.


  1. Click File > New > Other, or right-click anywhere in the Application Development view and click New > Other.
    The New Project wizard opens.
  2. Expand Integration Bus - Message Set Development.
  3. Click Start from existing message set, then click Next.
  4. Set up the basic resources that are required to develop an application from an existing message set, then click Next.
    • If the message set that you want to use is in a compressed (.zip) file, select Import a message set from a .zip file, and either type the location of the message set in the .zip file and Compressed message set fields, or click Browse and select, and open, the .zip file from the list that is displayed. Then select the required message set.

      If the .zip file that you specify does not contain a message set, you receive a message. You can then type a different location for the message set in the .zip file field. Otherwise, click Cancel.

    • If the message set that you want to use is not in a compressed file, click Create a new message set by copying an existing message set and type into the Message set to copy field the name of the message set file that you want to copy.

      A list is displayed of the message set names from which you can choose. Message sets are filtered to show resources in the active working set only.

  5. If necessary, you can change the default name for the integration project that is created.
    By default, a message flow and working set are also created. You can choose different names for these resources. If the message set is copied from a .zip file that is a project interchange file, you cannot edit the names of the message set project and the message set. In this case, the names are imported from the .zip file.
  6. Click Finish.

    The new message set project, message set, integration project, and message flow are created. The integration project contains a project reference to the message set project. A new working set is also created, if required. The new projects are displayed in the specified working set. The contents of the message set project and the integration project are displayed in the Application Development view. The message flow is opened in the message flow editor.

What to do next

The next step is to develop the message flow. For more information about how to start, see Designing a message flow.