Creating resources in an integration project

You can create resources such as message flows, maps, and ESQL files in an integration project.

Before you begin

Learn more about integration projects by reading Integration projects.

This topic assumes that you have created an integration project. For more details, see Creating an integration project.

About this task

An integration project is a specialized container in which you create and maintain all the resources that are associated with one or more message flows. To create resources in your integration project, complete the following steps.


  1. Click File > New.
    (Alternatively, expand the Independent Resources folder of the Application Development view, right-click the integration project, then click New.)
  2. Select the resource to create.

    The appropriate wizard opens; for example, the New Message Flow wizard.

  3. Follow the instructions in the wizard, then click Finish.

    The new resource is displayed in the Application Development view, under the integration project.

What to do next

You can also reference resources that exist outside the integration project (such as a Java™ project or Data Design project) by adding project references. Right-click the integration project, then click Properties > Project References. Select the projects that you want to reference in your integration project.