Creating an integration project

Create an integration project to contain resources such as message flows, maps, and database definitions.

Before you begin

Read the concept information in Integration projects.

About this task

Message flow projects have been replaced by integration projects in IBM® Integration Bus Version 10.0. Migrate your message flow projects by following the instructions in Importing resources from previous versions.

If you are not ready to create an application or library yet, you can use an integration project to hold resources in the meantime. When you are ready, you can either create an application or library and move the resources from the integration project, or you can convert your integration project to an application or library.

You can create an integration project when you create resources, such as message flows and maps.

To create and populate an integration project manually, complete the following steps.


  1. Open the New Integration Project wizard by clicking File > New > Integration Project.
  2. Enter a name for the project and select any existing projects to which you want to refer. Click Next.
  3. Select any existing static libraries to which you want to refer, then click Finish.


The new integration project is created and shown in the Independent Resources folder of the Application Development view.

What to do next

When you have created an integration project, you might want to create resources to add to the project. For more information, see Creating resources in an integration project.

To see the project references for your integration project, right-click the integration project and click Properties > Project References. The projects that your integration project references are selected.

To convert an integration project to an application or library, see Converting existing projects to applications and libraries.