Configuring the converted transforms

When the map is converted, automatically or manually resolve transforms with errors or warnings.

About this task

After your maps are converted, your transforms are changed to the appropriate type or configuration for a graphical data map. However, some transforms might show the following indicators:
  • Annotations are represented by a green arrow (Conversion annotation icon) on the transform. The transform was successfully converted, but if you review the transform and find the behavior did not convert as expected, you can opt to reject conversion.
  • Warnings are represented by a triangular exclamation mark box (Warning icon). If a warning is present on one or more of the transforms in your converted graphical data map, the behavior or output of the converted transform might be different from the behavior or output of the mapping structure in your original message map.
  • Required tasks are represented by a red cross on a Task transform (Error or unresolved Task transform icon). You must complete required tasks so that the transform works in your map.

To ensure that your transforms operate as intended, you must review each transform that has an annotation, warning, or task before you use your converted graphical data map in a messaging solution. The converted map will work without reviewing the transforms, but might not work as expected. Task transforms are ignored at runtime, so you must resolve them before you use your maps.

Warnings are often specific to the data that is used in the map, so the scenario covers how to resolve annotations and Task transforms:


  1. Process the conversion annotations.
  2. Configure the Task transforms.

What to do next

After you have configured the transforms in the graphical data map, you can test the changes by Verifying the solution.